Mario Sughi
Give me a ring tomorrow
United Arts Club, Dublin
8 June - 2 July 2023, Dublin
Written by the author for the exhibition at the United Arts Club, Dublin 2023, in the same, direct, style of his own artwork,
"Give me a ring tomorrow" (same title as the exhibition), is  an enigmatic and atmospheric short story, set in our days Dublin, that can be read either as a fiction story, a graphic novel, or an original, introductory, exhibition-catalogue text.

Mario Sughi: Give me a ring tomorrow
We’ve known Mario for a long time now. The Italian painter and illustrator moved
here in the late ‘80s having previously worked as a cartoonist in Italian satirical
magazines. His father Alberto was hailed as one of the finest painters of his
generation. Besides rocking a pair of shades, Mario is also gifted. His colour popping
work accentuates femininity - lips protrude, eyes lock focus and legs are
limber. Give me a ring tomorrow has Mario pair his work with an accompanying
essay of sensual intrigue as a cleaner called Maria inserts herself into the lives of a
United Arts Club, Thursday June 8 - Sunday July 2.

Exhibition Event | Artist's Talk 
Mario Sughi, nerosunero, Artist's Talk, at the United Arts Club, Dublin
"Street photography has to be consumed fast when it’s fresh. One or two year later a nice picture is still a nice picture but it starts to lose the immediacy ...  On the other hand, the energy of a good painting lasts longer. Paintings belong to a continuous evolving present, their hidden meanings, the ones you have consciously or unconsciously placed in them, keeps the image alive..."  PDF / full text

Exhibition Event | nerosunero,  Artist's Talk 
Left : The United Arts Club plaque at the present entrance at Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin 2, 
Right: Catalogue of 'Exhibition of Works by Post-Impressionist Painters, Jan. 25th to Feb. 14th, 1911' at the United Arts Club, 44 St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, belonging to Joseph Mary Plunkett,

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